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Session Speakers Experience level Track
Let’s fix file and media handling once and for all (S01E02) slashrsm Intermediate Core Conversations
Life on the bleeding edge: tracking new PHP versions LawnGnome Intermediate Business Showcase
Lightning Talks mdorman, jtray, bleep, ycombinator Beginner Business Showcase
Lightning Talks justin2pin, Magiclogix,, bnthms88 Beginner Business Showcase
Linked Data + Drupal for Oceanographic data management ashepherd, scor Intermediate Case Studies
Local Dev for the Masses: Vagrant + Virtual Box + Puppet + Kalabox pirog, populist Beginner DevOps
Making Drupal Marketing Friendly Magiclogix Advanced Business Showcase
Managing Complex Projects with Design Components JohnAlbin Intermediate Frontend
Markup Ain't Easy or: How I Learned to love An Object-Oriented RenderAPI c4rl Advanced Core Conversations
Master the new Core of Drupal 8 now: with Symfony and Silex weaverryan Beginner Coding and Development
Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal AdamWaid, drupalninja99 Intermediate Drupal Business
Migrating the Worlds Largest Website onto Drupal - Silicon.Valet, chrisHill Beginner Case Studies
Mo' Servers, Mo' Problems Nick Stielau Intermediate DevOps
Modernizr in Core. This is the start of something beautiful. iwuv Intermediate Frontend Mission Impossible KarenS Beginner Case Studies
My Brain is Full: Keeping Pace with Front-End & UX Innovations eatings, Bcwald Intermediate Frontend
Next Generation PHP Performance David Strauss Intermediate DevOps
Oh look, we're growing! (A PM Approach to Scaling Teams, People, Process, and Tools) atedgerton Advanced Drupal Business
Open Enterprise Intelâ„¢ TomDude48 Intermediate Business Showcase
Open source products: unicorn or game changer? karenborchert, mpotter Beginner Drupal Business


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