DrupalCon Austin will offer professional, hands-on training on a variety of Drupal subjects by world-class Drupal trainers on Monday, June 2.

The cost of attending a training is $475.00 plus applicable tax and includes a full day of professional training, breakfast, lunch, and breaks.

New for Austin: Prepaid Training

You can prepay for an attendee's training by purchasing a prepaid training ticket below. This ticket allows you to buy now and for your attendee to register for the training of their choice when convenient for them.

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Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

This class really is aimed at absolute Drupal beginners. You'll learn all of the key concepts you need to understand, navigate, build, and use a Drupal site. Learn more.

Company: OSTraining
Drupal Version: 7.x

Breaking Down Component-Based Web Design

Experienced front end developers spontaneously transform static design files into complete Drupal themes without realizing all of the little steps their brain takes to achieve the final solution. In this session you'll learn, and get to practice, the step-by-step strategies and techniques needed to pull apart a static design file, and rebuild it as a Drupal theme. Learn more.

Company: Drupalize.Me
Drupal Version: 8.x

Drupal for Beginners

The focus of this training is to give you a chance to connect with an army of Drupal experts one-on-one about anything you need help learning or accomplishing in Drupal 6, 7 or even Drupal 8. Having trouble understanding a concept? There will be someone to help explain it in a way you can understand. Learn more.

Company: BuildAModule
Drupal Version: 7.x, 8.x

UX Bootcamp: Evaluating and Improving Your Web Sites

How do you really know what your users want? How do you ensure your designs work for users? Over the course of the day, you'll learn all of the steps to conduct your own usability tests, including how to plan the tests, recruit users, facilitate the sessions, analyze the data, and communicate the results. Learn more.

Company: Acquia
Drupal Version: N/A


Drupal 8 for Drupalistas

Are you a site builder, themer, or backend developer who is comfortable with Drupal 7 (or 6) and worried about gearing up for Drupal 8? Want a headstart? This course will save you self-study time by walking you through D8 in a day. You'll build a site, getting a hands on experience of the anticipated Drupal 8 changes, and dive deeper into your own speciality. Learn more.

Company: Amazee Labs
Drupal Version: 8.x

Drupal Performance and Scalability with The Dream Team

In this all-day workshop, top experts with years of front-line experience building large-scale Drupal deployments show you the best known practices for running fast sites for a large volume of users. By the end of this course you should feel comfortable with the basics of how to setup, configure and tune your Drupal site. Learn more.

Company: The Dream Team
Drupal Version: 7.x

Introduction to Symfony2: Getting Ready for D8

This comprehensive introduction to Symfony2 will help experienced and new PHP developers understand the power and flexibility of Drupal 8's new development framework. With hands on exercises throughout the day-long training, participants will learn basic Symfony2 concepts, build simple applications, and explore how Symfony2 is used in Drupal 8. Learn more.

Company: Blink Reaction
Drupal Version: 8.x

Introduction to the Symfony Core Components

This one day hands on training will help you to get started with most of the Symfony2 Core Components used by Drupal 8 and to learn some of the best object oriented design best practices. During the workshop, you will build a small PHP web application by introducing the Symfony Core Components. Learn more.

Company: SensioLabs
Drupal Version: N/A

Launching an Online Store with Commerce Kickstart

In this course, you will learn how to launch your next online store with Drupal Commerce from project creators Commerce Guys. Through a series of alternating lessons and hands-on exercises, you will install Commerce Kickstart in an optimized hosting environment, customize it, and prepare to launch your own fantasy store during this day long training. Learn more.

Company: Commerce Guys
Drupal Version: 7.x

Level Up your Themer

In this course we'll start you off at the ground floor of Drupal 7 Theming and work our way towards becoming theming super heroes. We will walk you through the basic concepts necessary to start on your custom theme adventure. You'll walk away with a theme built from scratch and learn how to use a foundation provided by thousands of other of Drupal themers. Learn more.

Company: Chapter Three
Drupal Version: 7.x

Professional Agile Project Management For Drupal Projects

In this course, we cut past the evangelism that exists around Agile, and instead focus on real-world practical training that you can put into action. Learn more.

Company: Wunderkraut
Drupal Version: N/A

Search API with ApacheSolr

After this training students should be able to build powerful Solr-based interfaces without writing code. They should also be able to run Solr to any of their sites on their local machine and on servers they control. Learn more.

Company: Zivtech
Drupal Version: 7.x

Security: Process, Code & Hands-on Training

While Drupal is a secure and mature web application, it can be built and configured insecurely or even deployed in an unsafe environment. In this full-day session you'll learn how to evaluate your risks and secure your site and processes. Learn more.

Company: Acquia
Drupal Version: 7.x

Views Configuration

Learn how to use Views to effectively take control of how content is organized throughout your website. Learn more.

Company: Evolving Web
Drupal Version: 7.x


Advanced Sass and Compass for RWD

This training will explore content strategy as a method for designing responsive websites, building separate components and layouts, and will emphasize creating DRY code. We will dive deep into the power of Sass and Compass and a handful of JavaScript tools and how they can be utilized for your growing website. Learn more.

Company: Four Kitchens
Drupal Version: 7.x