Mission Impossible


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MSNBC re-acquired the domain from Microsoft last year and needed a spanking new web site to celebrate. But everything about the proposed project was "impossible": impossible deadline, impossible requirements, impossible expectations, impossibly big and distributed team.

Every time we told Richard Wolffe, the primary stakeholder for the project, that this plan was crazy, he would just smile and say "We do live TV where anything can happen, we do the impossible every day." And the phrase "We do the impossible every day" became a sort of mantra for everyone working on this project.

This session will describe how MSNBC built a completely new site from the ground up in Drupal, discuss some of the "impossible" barriers that we hurdled along the way, and talk about what it took to make "impossible" possible.

This will be a panel led by Jeff Robbins, CEO of Lullabot, including Richard Wolffe, VP and Executive Editor, at MSNBC, John Keegan, VP Technology Strategy, NBC News Digital, and Karen Stevenson of Lullabot.

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Drupal 7.x
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Tuesday ยท 10:45-11:45
17 - Forum One | 4th floor