Open source products: unicorn or game changer?

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There's a lot of speculation about open source product development. How can a product with "no IP" be competitive? What are the viable business models, when the code is freely available? And how am I supposed to build and take a viable product to market if my company is focused on services, not products? Is there such thing as a true product model in open source, or is it a mythical ideal of services companies chasing "passive revenue"?

Join Open Atrium technical lead Mike Potter and product lead Karen Borchert of Phase2 for a case study on Open Atrium; and a discussion about three areas of open source products: product development, go-to-market strategy, and balancing product and services work. The truth is, you can build -- and successfully take to market -- an open source product. But the rules are different, and must not be ignored.

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Tuesday ยท 05:00-06:00
16 - Pantheon | 4th floor