Mar 19

Austin Instant Replay

This is my fifth DrupalCon monitoring session submissions. My fifth time nervously counting the submissions as they come rolling in, first at a trickle, maybe 20 in a week. Then stagnation, followed by a bit of a panic - did we remember to tell people??

And then suddenly, the week sessions close, the sessions come pouring in like a flood. In just this last week, submissions increased nearly 400%.

Mar 5

3 simple tips to getting your session selected

The call for sessions closes tomorrow at midnight, and chances are you still haven't decided whether or not you'll make the leap and submit your talk. You've presented at local camps, and watched the videos from past DrupalCons, maybe you've even thought, "I could do that!".

Well, what's stopping you?

We expect to have over 130 speakers present this year, and believe it or not, you could be one of them.

Do we have your attention? Good - now let's get started!

Mar 4

DrupalCon Austin Call for Case Studies

Dear Drupal World, we are excited to offer you a new track for DrupalCon this year, it's name, Case Studies. This is the artist formerly known as the Higher Ed, Non-Profit, and Government Track. We think that boiling this track down to the heart of the matter -- case studies-- is a smart move that also opens up submissions from media and corporate projects.

Please consider submitting a case study before the deadline of March 7th!!

Mar 3

Last call for DrupalCon Core Conversation proposals

As the first beta of Drupal 8 approaches, we now have the opportunity to reflect and start thinking about the future of Drupal core. If you have contributed to Drupal core and have ideas on what we've done, what we could be doing better, or what we should do in the future, please consider submitting a Core Conversation!

The Core Conversation track team would like to encourage submissions for any topic you are passionate about in Drupal core, but here are some topics that we would be particularly interested in seeing:

Feb 28

March 7; it's the final countdown

Only 7 precious days remain until applications close for sessions, training, and scholarships at DrupalCon Austin. Help us spread the word about this deadline to your co-workers, user groups, and twitter following-- DrupalCon Austin is shaping up to be our biggest conference yet, and you can help us ensure anyone has a chance to be part of it!

Feb 26

Call for Frontend Sessions

With only 9 days left until the call for content deadline, the Frontend track team warmly invites all themers and Frontend developers (or even those working closely with Frontend devs) to submit a Frontend session proposal for DruaplCon Austin 2014. The deadline is March 7, 2014 at 11:59pm Central Standard Time, UTC -6.

We are looking for proposals geared towards Drupal 8, with an emphasis on how the life of a Frontend developer will change and your expert advice on how to best prepare for the transition.

Feb 25

So, you want to train at DrupalCon

Prior to each conference, trainers submit proposals and the training selection team, a global and local track chair, work with the Program Coordinator to select the trainings that will be offered. Many top-quality proposals aren’t selected, simply because there are more potentials submitted than can be offered. To make the path to training more clear, here are some insights into the selection process and how to best present your training for consideration.


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