DrupalCon Austin Call for Case Studies

Mar 4

Dear Drupal World, we are excited to offer you a new track for DrupalCon this year, it's name, Case Studies. This is the artist formerly known as the Higher Ed, Non-Profit, and Government Track. We think that boiling this track down to the heart of the matter -- case studies-- is a smart move that also opens up submissions from media and corporate projects.

Please consider submitting a case study before the deadline of March 7th!!

What makes a great case study? What will make your case study shine amongst its peers? A focus on your intended audience at DrupalCon, and providing insights that will help others learn from your experiences.

In particular we are looking these three kinds of case studies:

1.Breaking new ground; redefining what's possible.
One of the great things about the Drupal community is that there is always someone, somewhere, using it in novels ways that were hard to predict. That's what you get with such a flexible tool! We would love to see sessions that open some eyes about what Drupal can be used for.

2. Solving common problems
This category may include case studies that aren't blazing a new trail, but provide great value to the audience because you have licked a problem that everyone should know about.

3. Embracing failure as a path to success
What didn't go exactly right in your project? How did you overcome setbacks, and learn from the process to eventually get to the finish line. This thread is not for the faint of heart, and requires resiliency, and enough confidence to publicly air things that didn't go so well. Please make sure that everyone involved in your project is informed before pitching something in this vein!

Please submit your session proposals now, as that gives us a chance to give you feedback for improving your chances before the window closes.

Submit a session

The DrupalCon Austin Case Studies Team
Zach Chandler, Stanford University
Jon Clark, Aten Design Group