3 simple tips to getting your session selected

Mar 5

The call for sessions closes tomorrow at midnight, and chances are you still haven't decided whether or not you'll make the leap and submit your talk. You've presented at local camps, and watched the videos from past DrupalCons, maybe you've even thought, "I could do that!".

Well, what's stopping you?

We expect to have over 130 speakers present this year, and believe it or not, you could be one of them.

Do we have your attention? Good - now let's get started!

1. Speak about something you know

It may not seem a big deal to you (because you're the expert), but everyone else will think your topic is great. Bend the web to your will - and show others how to do it for themselves. That is what DrupalCon sessions are all about.

2. Write a 3-part session submission

Part 1 | Describe a compelling topic that affects the reader directly, maybe a pain point, or juicy new technology.

Part 2 | Allude to your solution, sharing just enough that the reader has a moment of "I need that ...how do I not know this already?"

Part 3 | Explain how awesome the session will be because you are going to cover "XYZ" and make the reader's life so much better.

Here are some examples:

3. Fill out your user profile

This seems like a gimme, and to be honest, it is! Help our track teams get to know you by filling out your profile. Tell us a bit about yourself, link to your twitter profile so we can see what interests you, and upload a picture so we can see your happy face.

This is your nudge from the universe

Public speaking isn't for everyone. It's challenging, time-consuming, and requires you to really know your stuff. That said, the Drupal community is incredibly supportive, and once you make that leap, you'll find presenting at DrupalCon to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

With fewer than 48 hours remaining, now is your chance!

Submit a session

Thank you to Four Kitchens for providing much of the groundwork for this post.


develCuy’s picture

Agree with you, Drupal community is incredibly supportive! And this very post is an example of that. There are great sessions that never happen because they miss this feedback. So I expect so see even greater sessions at Drupalcon this year.