Last call for DrupalCon Core Conversation proposals

Mar 3

As the first beta of Drupal 8 approaches, we now have the opportunity to reflect and start thinking about the future of Drupal core. If you have contributed to Drupal core and have ideas on what we've done, what we could be doing better, or what we should do in the future, please consider submitting a Core Conversation!

The Core Conversation track team would like to encourage submissions for any topic you are passionate about in Drupal core, but here are some topics that we would be particularly interested in seeing:

  • Complexity
  • Flexibility/Pluggability
  • Rewrites vs Refactors
  • Core acceptance testing (replacing simpletest)
  • Backwards compatibility in minor updates
  • Dependency management in contrib (libraries/composer)
  • Documentation
  • Community wrangling

A Core Conversation session has traditionally been 30 minutes, leaving the remaining time for Q&A. However, if the topic requires more time or doesn't lend itself to extended Q&A, we welcome 45-50 minute sessions as well.

Also, unlike previous DrupalCons, the deadline for Core Conversations does *not* extend past other tracks. This year, Core Conversation proposals must be submitted by March 7, 2014 at 11:59pm Central Standard Time, UTC -6, so now is the time to submit a session!

Submit a session

The DrupalCon Austin Core Conversations Team
Mark Sonnabaum, Acquia
Larry Garfield,


webchick’s picture

It would be *really* nice to have the deadline for Drupal Core Conversations much closer to the actual conference, rather than so far out. The reason being is right now, in March, we're actively slogging toward beta day in and day out, so it's really hard to think holistically about what the best topics are going to be for discussion 3 months from now in June. Versus 6-8 weeks out from the event, this becomes much, much more clear.

When I proposed this change to the team, this definitely came into consideration.

Here's what ultimately led to us giving this a try for Austin:
+ The details of a time-sensitive session may not be defined yet, and that's ok. We can take a best guess at topics now and fill in specifics closer to the event
+ We've identified the people who can/will speak to the different initiatives, and we're reaching out to those individuals to determine interest and availability
+ it's a financial relief for potential speakers who don't want to miss the earlybird rate if their CC session isn't selected (rates go up April 5, CCs would normally close after this date)

I'm hoping this works out for Austin, but if it doesn't, that's ok too.
At least we've tried something new in the name of progress. :)