Symfony Community: A Special Invitation to DrupalCon Austin

Apr 8

With the rapidly approaching release of Drupal 8, many Symfony developers may be considering going to Austin for DrupalCon in June. Our advice? Do it!

First, Symfony will have its own track, sponsored by SensioLabs, creators of Symfony! The track will include five sessions on Tuesday of DrupalCon, beginning with Fabien Potencier, the founder of the Symfony project presenting on Dependency Injection and will complement a Monday Symfony training called Introduction to Symfony Core Components from certified Symfony trainer Hugo Hamon.

Second, DrupalCon Austin is a great opportunity to learn Drupal 8. With Symfony2 components included in core, parts of Drupal 8 will look very familiar to developers who currently use Symfony, as will the object oriented programming methodology.

Drupal skills have been in high demand for years and that trend is expected to continue and perhaps even accelerate with the release of Drupal 8. Symfony developers are uniquely equipped to learn the platform quickly and hit the ground running.

DrupalCon is The Best Place to Learn Drupal 8

If you’re interested in learning more about Drupal 8, DrupalCon Austin will be a fantastic opportunity. The world’s foremost experts on Drupal and Drupal 8 will be in attendance, giving interested developers plenty of opportunities to learn.

Every DrupalCon is attended by more than just developers: the Drupal community includes web professionals of all stripes. From project managers to designers, back-end experts and even UX gurus, DrupalCon Austin is a great chance to learn from the people who are working on websites at every point in a site’s lifecycle.

Plus, DrupalCon is always a good time. Expect a lot of smiles, laughs and even a few hugs (OK, maybe a lot of hugs).

If you’re interested in Drupal or Symfony, come to DrupalCon Austin. You will be glad you did!

For those who can’t commit to the full week, you can still take advantage of the great training options by registering for a Tuesday-only single-day pass - available now for just $99 (+tax).

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Planet Austin image credit to santi_b on Flickr.