Are You Ready for Drupal 8?

Apr 2

You may not be able to control when Drupal 8 is ready. But you can control when you are ready for Drupal 8. Attending DrupalCon Austin is a great way to start.

DrupalCon Austin will feature 30(!) sessions dedicated to Drupal 8 that will dive into many facets of the new release including Twig, configuration management and SPARK. There are sessions geared toward beginners, intermediate and advanced attendees, so whatever your level, there is something for you. As an added bonus there will be a track dedicated to Symfony2 and the components found in Drupal 8 core, featuring Symfony founder and project lead, Fabien Potencier.

Beyond attending the many sessions, you will have the opportunity to register for one of four Drupal 8 training courses designed to give you a head start on the new release.

The sessions and training courses aren’t the only ways to learn about Drupal 8. DrupalCon events are where the world’s foremost Drupal experts gather for a week with one primary purpose: to exchange knowledge. Sometimes that sharing happens in a session room, sometimes it’s in a hallway, or hacking away in our coder lounge late into the evening.

Where you soak up the knowledge is up to you.

Drupal 8 is going to be the most amazing release of Drupal yet, and there’s nowhere better to prepare for its arrival than at DrupalCon Austin!

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Sunrise image courtesy of Pusteblume_2000 on Flickr.