Apr 15

DrupalCon Austin 2014 Grant and Scholarship Recipients Have Been Selected

We’re pleased to announce that the grant and scholarship recipients for DrupalCon Austin 2014 have been selected and finalized!

Thanks to generosity from our sponsors, we were able to extend offers of financial aid to 33 individuals worldwide!

There were over 100 applicants for financial aid for DrupalCon Austin, and selecting the best candidates for the convention was difficult work. Every candidate underwent a comprehensive evaluation by a committee of volunteers from the Drupal community.

Apr 15

The Austin Schedule is Live

For a few months now, we have been telling you about all the great content and fun things to do at DrupalCon Austin. Now you can see for yourself! The schedule is live and you can see it here.

You can use the master schedule to build your own personal schedule by clicking the plus or minus on the calendar icons next to the events you wish to attend. You can also access your personal schedule from the master schedule and your profile. See the screenshot below:

Mar 19

Austin Instant Replay

This is my fifth DrupalCon monitoring session submissions. My fifth time nervously counting the submissions as they come rolling in, first at a trickle, maybe 20 in a week. Then stagnation, followed by a bit of a panic - did we remember to tell people??

And then suddenly, the week sessions close, the sessions come pouring in like a flood. In just this last week, submissions increased nearly 400%.


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