Twig: Friendly Curl Braces invade your Templates!


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Twig! Yep, it's that fancy magic that's supposed to make theming in Drupal 8 as much fun as eating beef brisket at Rudy's Country Store in Austin (apologies to my veggie friends!). And in fact, Twig was *born* for this: a language that was created with one job in mind: making writing templates awesome and powerful. Oh, and to make you love using it.

In this talk, we'll learn about Twig from the ground-up: syntax, filters, inheritance and other tricks you can learn now to be ready for Drupal 8. We'll also look at how Twig looks inside Drupal, and how it compares to what you're used to in Drupal 7.

By the end, you'll know everything to start getting your Drupal 8 theme on and be shouting its praises from the hills! Ok, maybe not that last part (but I do love how excited Drupalers get), but you'll definitely have a new friend in your world: Twig.

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Symfony by SensioLabs
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Drupal 8.x
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Tuesday ยท 05:00-06:00
14 - SensioLabs