People want to help. They dont know what to do! Let's make d.o issue picking easier


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Picking an issue to work on can seem overwhelming for people the first time they want to get involved. It is also difficult for people for their second, third, etc issues. We want people to be able to pick issues that are good matches for their interest and skills.

We will look at how new people try to pick issues, and present improvements to the d.o issue picking process.

This session will propose changes to d.o that will make it easier for people to find issues to work on.

We will discuss the ideas presented and discuss other suggestions that people have.

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Tuesday · 05:00-06:00
15 - Commerce Guys | 4th floor


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Who is the target audience here? Is it newbie core contributors, or senior contributors/d.o admins who want to manage the newbie core contributors better? Those are very different audiences.

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I'm hoping to get some of each.

It will include how new people try to find issues (the pain points), how they can smartly find issues (better ways to do it), and how to improve d.o so that the process of new people finding issues is easier.

newbie core contributors will get solid actions they can do to better find issues for themselves, and they will know where to help improve d.o (via d.o issues on the topic).

senior contributors (who have since developed tricks of their own to finding issues) will get reminded of the pain newbies have, and suggest their ideas for ways to remove barriers to new people.

d.o admins can contribute to the discussion with wisdom about which suggestions to change d.o are likely to succeed (technically, from d.o working group resources perspective, or socially what will have broad support).

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If you are interested in making a better view of issues in a similar style to the Rocketship used by D8MI and other core initiatives see this issue: