Improving the ROI of your Drupal Website with Updated Content Strategy


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Companies are seeing lower success rates on social media and diminishing conversion rates on the web - a trend that has put us all, especially content marketers, in the position to prove the ROI or face severe fiscal cuts. Unfortunately, reporting metrics like “increased impressions” and “better brand awareness” won’t be enough because companies are looking for hard before/after numbers.

This is important because the paradigm of who controls the CMS/website budget has completely shifted from the IT to the Marketing department. While Drupal has traditionally done a good job of attracting developers and a more technical audience, we as a community need to take a critical look at this highly emerging trend and evolve our strategy to compete.

This session will discuss the following challenges that we’re facing as a community and how it relates to content marketing on our websites, social media, and email:

  • How do I increase conversions?
  • Why are my traditional tactics (Facebook posts, blogs, link building, SEO etc) no longer working?
  • How do I reach a larger or more targeted audience?
  • How do I find a balance between personable content and advertising?
  • What metrics should I show my boss to prove long term ROI for my Drupal website?
  • What Drupal tools can I use to help me get there?
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Wednesday · 10:45-11:45
11 - LevelTen | 4th floor