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Functional programming. Some see that term and think "functions? You mean procedural programming. I've been doing that for years." Others see it and think "you mean that crazy academic nonsense that no one understands? Pfft!"

In truth, functional programming is fundamentally an approach to software development, not a particular language or syntax. With PHP 5.3, it is an approach that is now more readily available and powerful than ever before. Even if you're not writing in Erlang or ML, there is still much to learn from the principles of functional programming to help write better code.

This session will discuss the history of functional programming and how it compares to other programming paradigms (procedural and object-oriented). We will then discuss by example how functional concepts and techniques, plus new language capabilities in PHP 5.3 such as anonymous functions can make our code more robust, maintainable, and bug-free. Even without a truly functional language, there is much we can learn from functional programming as a technique.

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Tuesday · 02:15-03:15
F - Blackmesh | 4th floor


Crell’s picture

A previous version of this talk was given at DrupalCon Munich, but it has evolved since then and I think it's a lot better now. ;-)

Amazing seesion. I will be wathing this again and following along with the code. Good stuff. Is there a resource with more or similar coding practices?

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Glad to see alot of the design patterns I've seen in JavaScript.