Don't Let Crappy Content Ruin Your New Site


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Nothing is worse than delivering a sparkling new site full of promise and seeing it ruined with crappy content. The best designed sites can be wrecked with blurry imagery, TLDR* copy, and incorrect use of styles.

In this session, I’ll cover factors that contribute to crappy content implementation and the steps we can take to avoid them. I will share deliverables that close the gap between site launch and maintenance.

I will cover:

  • Teaching clients to write for the web
  • Improving usability through editing
  • Creating flexible layouts
  • Creating content guidelines unique to your Drupal site's architecture
  • Creating guidelines for responsive sites
  • Tools of the trade

*Too Long Didn’t Read

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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
F - Blackmesh | 4th floor


lwithrow’s picture

Really enjoyed the session. Will be bringing a lot of these ideas back to my team.

jleuthard’s picture

awesome presentation. I kind of was like well I've been to a lot of content sessions over the years but I went to this anway! so glad I did. Great tips they never go out of date. I found the presentation on youtube, but will you post slides? I was looking for guidelines template specifically. thanks again!

fenns’s picture

Really clear examples, great presentation style, and on-point delivery. Had a really good time with this one.