Commerce In-App Purchases: Sell Products with a Custom Mobile App

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Traditional commerce is dead! Maybe that is a bit too dramatic, but purchases made “In-App” have skyrocketed within the last year.

Come to this session to learn how to bring the massively expanding market of In-App purchases to your business. In this session we will show you how to leverage this route to market, with a Drupal Commerce site.

This session is great for business owners and site builders alike. Business owners can ascertain if an E-commerce site with In-App purchases is a worthwhile investment. While site builders can see that with relatively little effort, In-App purchasing can be implemented.

With “What’s App” being sold recently for billions of dollars, with their only revenue stream being a $1.00 In-App purchase, it certainly makes sense to see what you could be missing out on.

Let us show you the future!

Session Objectives

  • Reasons to have In-App Purchases for Products
  • Overview of Technologies Involved
    • Drupal 7, Commerce, Services, DrupalGap, PhoneGap, jQueryMobile
  • Create and Sell a Commerce Product as an In-App Purchase without Writing any Code
    • Commerce Product Setup
    • DrupalGap Setup
    • In-App Purchase Dashboards: Apple Store / Google Play
  • Q&A

Benefits of Attending

  • See how to get your E-Commerce Site Benefiting from this Route to Market
  • Learn to Setup a Basic Drupal Commerce Product that can be Sold as an In-App Purchase
  • Learn to Create an iOS/Android Mobile App to Handle the Product Display and Purchase, Without Writing a Line of Code
  • See What’s Coming in Drupal 8
Schedule info
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 7.x
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 05:00-06:00
19 - Lullabot | 4th floor