30 Drupal 8 API Functions You Should Already Know


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Now that you know how to build sites, it's time to take the next step and jump into the Drupal 8 API. This session reviews the 30 API functions that you should know to begin your journey.

This is an updated version of my popular talk at Drupalcamp Chicago and Drupalcamp Costa Rica that now covers Drupal 8!

We'll jump through common API examples with some derived examples from the excellent Examples module and others that will carry over from Drupal 7. Attendees will learn the behind-the-scenes functions that power common UI elements with the idea of being able to build or customize them for your projects.

Some of these include:

  • drupal_render()
  • entity_load_multiple() (node_load_multiple in D7)
  • entity_view_multiple()
  • menu_get_tree()
  • taxonomy_get_tree()
  • Field::fieldInfo()->getField() (field_info_field in D7)
  • QueryBase class (EntityFieldQuery in D7)
  • Request->attributes->get(‘entity’) (menu_get_object in D7)
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Drupal 8.x
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Tuesday · 01:00-02:00
18 - Acquia | 4th floor


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