Wireframing Smarter


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As the sites we build get increasingly complicated, the wireframing phase is increasingly important. Solving high-level usability challenges early in the process is saves time and money for you and your clients!

In this talk, I'll share the techniques and tools we use at Chapter Three to quickly produce high-quality wireframes and maintain your UX sanity.

We'll also discuss:

  • How wireframing can be a vacation from designing
  • Using wireframes to test the usability of your website
  • Creating wireframes for responsive websites
  • Why paper is the most important tool
  • How you can learn to stop worrying and love Helvetica (again)

About the speaker
Garret Voorhees is the Senior Designer at Chapter Three in San Francisco. He once made over 50 pages of digital wireframes in two days using OmniGraffle and sheer determination.

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Tuesday ยท 05:00-06:00
G - Trellon | 4th floor