Viewception: Three Levels Deep


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Learn to manipulate views through inception. If views doesn’t operate the way you’d expect: Take Control. A single view (query) isn’t always the answer. Sometimes we need to go deeper and use views within views within views…

This presentation will focus on some of the technical constraints views has natively. I will provide a problem example and demo configuration of views with a few extra modules to harness more power.

I will propose a solution when the use of functionality like ‘distinct’ and ‘aggregation’ can’t solve your problem. For example, how to overcome duplicate results in your queries.

Introduce new tools to help leverage more power from views
Give you more freedom with your content design and structure
Address performance issues that arise

Technically uses of the following are expected to be covered
* Views Field Views
* Views Term Parent Relationship

Schedule info
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 7.x
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 10:45-11:45
12 - Mediacurrent | 4th floor


mherchel’s picture

I saw this session at Florida Drupalcamp, and it was pretty sweet... I was able to implement some of this stuff right away to solve some of my lingering problems.

Just a heads up, the attendees should already be pretty familiar with Views to get the most out of this session :)

Very good session! He explains views and other contributed module use very well with great example.
Thank you!!