A Novel, Lean, Sustainable Interpretation of Scrum


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Do you belong to a smallish “modern” software shop? Have you heard of Agile/Scrum but aren't quite sure it could work for you?

There is a lot of excitement about Agile/Scrum, the most popular of the Agile methodologies. The theory is simple enough to understand—it even makes a lot of sense—but how does a smaller software shop with limited resources make this work?

Often times a company tries to apply Scrum but does not succeed. Developers are still on too many projects and thrash from context switching. Sales still promises the moon to make a sale, and the customer's expectations are not adequately set.

But Scrum is not the whole story. It is not a prescription for the full software development process.

Astonish Design has created a novel, Lean, sustainable interpretation of Agile/Scrum for a small software company with multiple projects. While this process is not “true” Scrum, it profits from many of the principles and is scalable. In short, it works.

This “brass tacks” session is for small software companies who undertake ambitious software projects yet don't have the resources for the 7 +/- 2 recommended Scrum development team member size. This session considers a holistic view of software development from a small software company with Scrum at the heart of the process.

Topics for this session will include:

  • Ensuring both employees and clients are the “right fit”
  • Efficacy of small dev teams with multiple projects
  • Resource Allocation
  • How does Discovery & Design fit into the picture?
  • Scrum ceremonies and artifacts
  • Best practices (eXtreme programming, etc.)
  • Project management
  • Roles (SM, PO, etc.)
  • Scaling for the future

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Thursday · 01:00-02:00
F - Blackmesh | 4th floor