Let's Get Uncomfortable: Embracing Fear and Risk as Parts of a UX Process


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Having a fear of failure is one of the greatest ways to fail at something. Because of this, we search for the familiar in the things we do. We rely on experts to tell us what works best and how we should do things. But today's experts weren't born masters of their craft. Before they were experts, they were explorers. They were risk-takers. They did things that made them uncomfortable in order to get comfortable doing those things. We all have it within ourselves to become experts. We only need to step out of our comfort zones and try something new.

In this session we'll learn new ways to think about the problems we face on a daily basis. We'll examine techniques that might not feel correct but will ultimately lead to techniques that do. We'll discuss ways to actively explore as a way to learn about the project, instead of passively discovering issues when it’s too late.

The tools we use, the processes we apply, and the mantras we rally behind will change. The ways we help users, serve clients, and work together will also change. Change is intrinsic to our profession. And that's what makes our jobs so great. Embracing change as the one constant in our work will prepare us for the unknown.

What you'll learn:

  • Exercises you can inject into your process to better engage clients and improve your understanding of projects during:
    • Audience Surveys
    • Content Inventories
    • Brand Discovery
    • Design Studios
  • Approaches to design that provide others the tools they need to do their jobs without being restricted.
    • Element Collages
    • Style Guides
    • Component Libraries
    • Interactive Prototypes
  • The importance of empathizing with everyone involved in the project, from users, to clients, to your own team.
    • What are the user goals for this project?
    • What kinds of concerns is the client dealing with?
    • How will a front-end developer interpret the design?
  • Ways you can evaluate your process in order to make it more effective and engaging.
    • Scope Review
    • Retrospectives
    • Client Interviews

As VP of Design at Aten Design Group, Ken leads a team that tackles User Experience Design challenges every day. With more than 13 years working on the web Ken has experienced the web's evolution and its impact on the way we create websites.

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Thursday · 02:15-03:15
18 - Acquia | 4th floor