Keys to Success for Architecting Drupal


In this session, attendees will gain insight into how to manage the various moving parts of any given Drupal website and will gain access to a newly developed Drupal architecting application that will help them to ensure that all the moving parts of their projects are organized and connections across entities are known at a glance to speed development and limit costly mistakes.

A Drupal website can be comprised of numerous modules, blocks, content types, display modes, views, pages, themes, and templates. All of these parts interact in various ways across the website and it’s important that every person who touches the site has a firm grasp of the role and scope of each of these elements in order to prevent the repetition of work, avoid unintended issues when making changes, and ensure success. This presentation will reveal concepts used by Unleashed Technologies to standardize Drupal planning and ensure that our team can be up to date on the implementation of a website at a moment’s notice.

Learning objectives

• Strategies for successfully mapping out the site before commencing work
• Better ways to collaborate and plan out Drupal site development
• Learn how to leverage Drupal correctly in order to minimize overlapping work.

Why attendees will benefit from attending

• Will be introduced to the application and system that Unleashed Technologies leverages to plan Drupal sites and keep our team on the same page with how it needs to be built
• Gain a new way of viewing the architecture of Drupal websites
• Get a login to give the architecture application a try with their next Drupal website

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