If You Give a Mouse a Cookie... 3 perspectives on managing scope and scalability

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Managing scope takes on different meanings for product owners, project managers, and developers alike. It is a human reality that we can’t read peoples minds, so when a client requests features or updates we need to be able to understand what the impact of that request will be, for the business and all of the individuals involved.

In this session, find out how to orchestrate and align all of these perspectives toward a successful project outcome.

Co-presenting this session will be a real world team of a product owner, a project manager, and a developer, sharing successful experiences, examples, and lessons learned from their work together on various client projects.

You should attend this session if you are

  • An agency principal or product owner charged with stewardship of a software vision.
  • A project manager or client liaison charged with keeping project timelines and budgets on track.
  • A developer charged with balancing client requests and coding best practices.

You will leave with these key takeaways

  • The problem the client comes to you with is rarely the real problem.
  • Understanding the “business” case behind the project and features can give great context.
  • A quick and simple overview of how agile can help manage your project.
  • What MVP is and how can it help get your project out the door.
  • What kinds of requests will cause pain for your client in the future even if they are successfully implemented.
  • How you can pitch scalable solutions that allow for continued growth.
  • When it’s good to say "no".

About the Speakers

Robb Lee is the VP Digital Strategy at Astonish Design. He has over twenty years of experience managing marketing, creative and interactive projects. Equally fascinated by art, business, psychology and technology, Robb plies his background in branding, advertising, design and front-end development to every client project.

Chris Walker is a Project Manager at Astonish Design. Chris has several years of experience leading projects to successful conclusions. He keeps the Astonish team on track with his awesome organization. He loves making every project a huge win for the client. He also has an insatiable appetite for breakfast tacos.

James Moughon is a Developer at Astonish Design. James implements unique solutions with Drupal and other technologies. He has had experience with many different approaches to project management. James loves clients and strives to bring their best interests to the forefront of every project.

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Wednesday · 05:00-06:00
G - Trellon | 4th floor