How to design impactful user research


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There is often little budget available within Drupal projects to do user research. So when you actually do user research it has to really impact the project. "The participants were not representative, we need a larger sample size" or "We don't need user research, department X really knows the user". Does this sound familiar?

No matter what research method you choose from a simple user test to large scale multi-country quantitative study. The most important part is getting these findings to become a part of the team its focus.

In this session we will cover:

  • A process for getting the team actively involved in user research
  • Choosing the right method: from survey to user test, which method do you choose?
  • Effectively communicating your user research for impact

This session will walk through a complete user research project from the initial understand phase of what kind of research question the client is seeking to answer to the actual implementation of the findings. You will learn what it takes to design a process like this.

As User Experience consultant I have worked on medium-to-large projects on complex (web) applications. I am also involved with Drupal 7/8 as User Experience team lead.

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Thursday ยท 10:45-11:45
12 - Mediacurrent | 4th floor