Go Continuous Delivery: Mastering and Automating Complex DevOps

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We will show a complex and intimidating DevOps problem, involving multiple steps of integration, delivery, and even content staging. We will walk through a configuration of the open source Go Continuous Delivery system ( http://www.go.cd/ ) to implement the process in an understandable and managable way.

The audience will see an incredibly complex problem addressed in a series of simple understandable steps, as we walk through a build configuration that deploys Drupal sites using phing, drush, and other tools -- possibility of calling out to Jenkins as another way to manage tasks. We will watch a multistep process with multiple steps of testing and approval, and a separate path for content staging as separate from code, deploy a complex Drupal site.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will be implemented, producing a build process reliable enough so that the decision to release becomes a business rather than a technical decision.

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Wednesday · 10:45-11:45
17 - Forum One | 4th floor


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Go looks cool. Could you explain how it's different from Jenkins? From what I've seen of the Go UI, I like it better and I can see the improvement there. Could you explain how it's different functionally?

Jenkins is great. Probably a key distinction is that Go has the concept of "delivery pipeline" burned into its DNA, whereas its a bit of an abstraction in Jenkins; clarifying what that means will be a key objective of the session. You'll like it.

Go is an ancestor of “Cruise Control”, with roots that go back to 2000. A good place to start out is this brief history of the project, what the goals were and why this project is now Open Source: