Give Bug Fixes a URL with Tugboat


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By now most development teams are familiar with some flavor of a Production, Staging, Development workflow. Tools like Chef or Puppet and Vagrant have made it easier than ever for developers to match production infrastructure in their development environment. Why then is the QA and testing process still so painful?

At Lullabot we've been using an automated environment build tool, affectionately referred to as Tugboat, to help smooth this process out. Tugboat provides additional visibility into the development process to folks that ordinarily wouldn't go to the trouble of setting up a full development environment. When a new pull request is created, a testing environment is built that shows what that change would look like on a production environment, and it all happens right inside of Github. Additionally there are integration points for automated testing for both functional, unit and visual regression testing.

In this session we'll share the (not-so) secret sauce that went into building Tugboat, show you how you can set it up for your project, and share how it's helped us streamline our development process for projects like, MSNBC and Tizen.

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Tuesday ยท 03:45-04:45
16 - Pantheon | 4th floor