10 commerce use cases you haven't thought about


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Don't fool yourself - we all have something to sell online, even if it doesn't fit into the traditional shopping cart / checkout / credit card pattern.

Using the transactional tools, licensing capabilities, customer, product and order management tools of the Drupal Commerce ecosystem can enhance your business, whether you view yourself as an eRetailer or not.

Join Robert Douglass and the Guys to see 10 non-typical ways that the Commerce Guys suite of tools for Drupal Commerce can help you take it to the next level online.

1. Online billing for your consultancy
2. Treat White Papers and downloadables as products
3. Host an online event - for pay
4. Host a corporeal event - for pay
5. Crowdfund your next idea
6. Sell your code or theme
7-10. Manage your distribution with Platform (trust us, there’s a lot here)

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Drupal 7.x
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Tuesday · 03:45-04:45
11 - LevelTen | 4th floor


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