The digital commerce ecosystem


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Sell a membership.
Sell a support ticket.
Sell an ebook.
Sell a subscription to your new SaaS service.

One time fee? Sure. Recurring? No problem.

All this with Commerce License and related modules.
The most important thing to happen to Drupal Commerce since Kickstart v2, pushing the limits of what Drupal can do. Don't believe us? Come and see.

What you'll learn

  • What the most common use cases are, and what makes Drupal Commerce uniquely suited to handle them.
  • How Commerce License is built and how it can be extended for your next project
  • What the tax implications and complexities are, and how to handle them in the USA, EU, and beyond.
  • The complexities of recurring billing: Dunning. Prorating. Synchronous and asynchronous, prepaid and postpaid billing. Usage based billing.
  • Why we're better than Recurly and other open source solutions, and how that helps your company win clients.

This session is oriented towards developers and site builders, but will be comprehensible to people who are simply looking to expand the kinds of projects they can bid on.

Schedule info
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 7.x
Time slot: 
Wednesday ยท 01:00-02:00
19 - Lullabot | 4th floor