A Developer's Primer to Managing Developers


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We all do our best work when we're excited, motivated, and focused, when we're free of blockers like unanswered questions, and free of distractions like meetings. Everyone wants to be doing their best work but sometimes we need others to help us remove blockers, find our motivation, and kick-ass. Joe Shindelar is a kick-ass developer and knows how to enable his team to be kick-ass too.

Drawing on a decade of experience as a Web developer in teams of one to thousands of people, Joe will walk you through:

  • The mind, and motivations, of a developer.
  • Enabling your team to identify how they want to work.
  • How to identify pain points in your process and to sanely make adjustments allowing your team to do their best work.
  • Improving trust and communication through workflow changes.
  • How, as a developer, to talk to your project managers.
  • How, as a project manager, to listen to your developers even when they are not saying anything at all.

This presentation will be useful for both developers, and the people who work with them. It will empower developers to identify and communicate things that just don't feel right in ways that allow managers to better support them; and it will give insight to project managers on the behaviors they should be on the lookout for, what they might possibly mean, and what they can do to facilitate developers kicking ass.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • List character traits for themselves and their team members.
  • Compare behaviors against a list of known/preferred working styles.
  • List ways in which workflow changes can help build trust and improve communication.
  • List the pros-and-cons of self-assigning teams.
  • Identify aspects of their current process that prevent developers from kicking ass.

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Tuesday · 03:45-04:45
E - Phase2 | 4th floor


stpaultim’s picture

I always look forward to Joe's presentations. He is a skilled and effective speaker with lots of great knowledge to share.

This is not something I've heard him talk about before, but am anxious to hear what he has to say!