Creating a Blog in Drupal 8 & Configuration API


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What's new and improved in Drupal 8? Can you build full featured web sites with Drupal core alone? The I will demonstrate that the answer is a strong YES! The following topics will be covered in this session.

  • Changes to fields
  • New HTML 5 elements
  • Improved content editing
  • Display & form mode changes
  • Better mobile support
  • Views in core
  • Configuration management

In this session we will walk through each of these topics covering what has been added to Drupal 8 and how it affects Drupal site builders and developers alike. Last but not least we will discuss how the Configuration API makes managing your site's configuration in code much easier. Attendees will see how they can import and export configuration as well as store it in custom directories to better fit into their deployment workflows.

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Drupal 8.x
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Wednesday · 05:00-06:00
16 - Pantheon | 4th floor