Content Strategy for Designers


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Have you ever been asked to design or redesign a site with large amounts of content that doesn’t yet exist? This can be one of the biggest challenges in a responsive web design project. Whether you’re designing or redesigning a CMS-powered site, design and content strategy have to work together to create something great.

However, designers often don’t have the luxury of working along-side a content strategist (sometimes there’s no content strategist on the project), so in this talk we’ll cover some practical steps you can take in your design process to uncover the parts you should be designing with and for and ensure your designs are sustainable and successful.

Topics covered will include …

- Creating light-weight process updates and deliverables
- Inventorying interfaces and content
- Content and display modeling
- Intent mapping
- Working with clients and teams

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Tuesday · 02:15-03:15
17 - Forum One | 4th floor


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...from my side to have this session selected (although it makes my own proposal obsolete:-). Really hope this one makes it into the final round, because this is a topic where Drupal could really shine compared to almost any competitor.

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my general notes...

What is content strategy?
A content strategist “takes the business objectives and the audience objectives and aligns them across all platforms and channels
-shelly bowen

content strategy is planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.
-kristina halvarson

What does content strategy care about?

  • business goals
  • audience needs
  • message & meaning
  • voice & tone
  • relevance
  • deliver channels
  • editorial process
  • sustainability & governance

Purpose, not preference
Priority, not placement
Systems, not pages

“design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order”

Why is content strategy awesome?
force multiplier
silo buster
assumption validator / destroyer

9 women can’t make a baby in 1 month! — fred brooks