Browser Eyeballing != JavaScript Testing


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Stop eyeballing your UI in a browser to test your JavaScript code - that doesn't count. While many developers have embraced testing in their server side code using TDD, fewer test their front end JavaScript code in the same way (or in any way), and even fewer of those use any kind of automation. This talk will guide attendees on how to write testable JavaScript code, how to write tests for that code, and some solutions for automating the process.

Participants will come out of this talk ready to implement and automate better tests for their JavaScript code.

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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
16 - Pantheon | 4th floor


sixstreet’s picture

well done...thx!

Zero fluff — good comprehensive coverage, nice pace. This session gave me some great ideas for where I can further explore js testing. Thank you.

I hope all of the sessions are this good. One of the best I've been to.