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When working on relatively simple sites, there's a lot you can do directly in Drupal to show clients how content and functionality will work together. But as functionality gets more complex and more stakeholders get involved in decisions about how the site will work, it's easy to lose development hours on code that will end up thrown out as the stakeholders rip apart your ideas.

Wireframes only tell part of the story. To really get buy-in from stakeholders, you need to show them more than what's on a page—you need to show them how something will WORK.

Enter Axure RP. A common tool used by UX practitioners, it allows you to create site maps, user flows and wireframes quickly, within a single application—and makes it easy to add interactive elements, annotate your work, and export working HTML prototypes with the click of a button. In this session, UX Designer and Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will share how she uses Axure to prototype complex functionality and get stakeholder buy-in on projects while saving her team development time.

What question(s) does this session answer?

  • How do I ensure my project is going in the right direction before spending time on development?
  • How do I manage projects with many stakeholders without losing my mind?
  • How can I turn my team's ideas into something we can test quickly?

In addition, you'll learn practical techniques for working with Axure to create prototypes that not only give you something testable—without spending days or weeks on Drupal code—but that can also be used to directly communicate important specifications to the development team.

About Dani Nordin
I'm a UX Researcher and Designer who works with Drupal teams on medium-to-large implementations, usually involving complex relationships of content, stakeholders and technology. Additionally, I have taught UX Design at CDIA, General Assembly, and Harvard Business School. Currently a Research Associate at Bentley User Experience Center, where I'm pursuing a Master's Degree in HFID.

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Tuesday · 01:00-02:00
12 - Mediacurrent | 4th floor