Automated Frontend Testing


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You are using grunt and your whole team is on board. You never commit invalid JS because no one can push without passing tests. Your Sass is in control because the team uses Bundler and (again) grunt to control config. You even have buy-in from the client to choose performance over certain design elements. It's the golden age of web development!

But... there are still bugs on the site! And what's worse, you see them cropping up on features you already shipped. Wouldn't it be great if your functional testing on the frontend could be as automated and carefree as your developers' workflow? Wouldn't it be cool if you could track performance and regularly measure trends as a site is developed?

You totally can.

Come to this session and we'll discuss how to use functional testing to spot regressions early and often, even before you merge. We'll show how you can visually diff your development branches against master and verify that nothing changed except the stuff you wanted to change. We'll talk about tools like CasperJS, Phantomas, and Wraith. There will be code samples abound!

Slides for this presentation:

Note: This session will not contain foundational explanations of tools, only the top layer that you actually see in the presentation. If you want an in-depth intro to the tools used in this session, or some background info on why it's important, please see the following slide decks:

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Wednesday · 05:00-06:00
F - Blackmesh | 4th floor