Three Reasons You Need to be at DrupalCon Austin

Feb 5
1. Knowledge: At DrupalCon, you have access to the world's foremost Drupal experts gathered in one place. Those experts attend DrupalCon with one primary purpose in mind: to share knowledge. You also have access to peers who have faced the same challenges you face. There is simply no other place on the planet where you can be exposed to such breadth and depth of practical Drupal knowledge to help you overcome today's challenges.
2. Planning: At every DrupalCon, Drupal founder and project lead Dries Buytaert and other project leaders have a conversation with the community about the future of Drupal. Each DrupalCon serves as a stake in the ground for the project on important issues that include release cycles, milestones, processes and Drupal software functionality. Having access to this roadmap information is crucial for making your own development and deployment plans.
3. Relationships: DrupalCon is where fruitful relationships are ignited, nurtured and advanced. The event offers countless opportunities to meet face-to-face with the peers, companies and talent that will help you be successful now and in the future.

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