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Feb 24

If you've ever been involved in a digital project of any complexity, you know that project success depends as much on the human factors like communication, accountability and organizational processes as it does good code. In fact, some have said that without good process, you cannot have good code.

A fundamental truth is that all people need to feel heard and understood. No matter their role or their ambition, when working with others to achieve a goal, listening is at the heart of success. In the midst of deadlines, creative reviews, budgets and proposals, it can be easy to forget this simple truth. The good news is that with the right systems and practices, we can ensure that we aren't only delivering quality products to the world, but that as digital practitioners, the experience of building the products is quality as well.

The Drupal Business track at this year's DrupalCon will be focused on just that: the human factors that influence success.

We want to hear from experts like you, both internal and external to the Drupal community to explore questions like:

  • How do we position our teams to collaborate successfully with project stakeholders?
  • What project management methodologies work best in a client services environment?
  • Scrum is commonplace among Drupalistas worldwide, but what are we missing? How does scrum adapt to a client services environment with reluctant product owners?
  • How should we answer questions that come from a very waterfall-like place? Is waterfall more effective in particular scenarios?
  • What are the soft skills we need to look for in building our dev teams?
  • How to avoid the interpersonal gotchas that can plague complex software projects?
  • How to communicate with clients and project stakeholders in a way that empowers them to lead their projects to success?

The call for sessions is open until March 7th. Sessions are 60 minutes long and if your session is picked, you will receive a free ticket to attend Drupal Con 2014 in sunny Austin, Texas.

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The DrupalCon Austin Drupal Business Team
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