Help the community get Drupal 8 Ready at DrupalCon Austin

Feb 10

Drupal 8 is gearing up to be the biggest release in Drupal's history. Developers from around the globe have worked countless hours contributing to improving, changing, and upgrading Drupal core.

What does this mean to you?

It means a whole lot of learning (and knowledge sharing) is in your future.

But you don't have to do it alone!

This year at DrupalCon we're looking to help get you ahead of the curve, and get you trained on the latest and greatest Drupal has to offer.

We want your sessions

If you're already part of that growing movement who has begun tackling Drupal 8, or just have some great information to share with other Drupalistas, the DrupalCon Austin program team wants to hear from you!

Click the links below to learn more about each track, including the topics we're looking for and the audience you can expect to speak to.

The DrupalCon Austin tracks

Ready, set, go

Our track chairs are prepared to give feedback to people who submit their sessions early, so don't wait til the last minute to get your session in.

The call for sessions ends March 7 at 11:59pm Central Standard Time, UTC -6.

Submit your session

For more on Drupal 8 changes, watch Drupal 8 Ready from the awesome team at PreviousNext.