Keynote: Erynn Petersen

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Erynn Petersen is Executive Director of Outercurve, an OSS foundation focused on developing open source projects between enterprise software companies. She is also a founder at Station082, which is dedicated to providing technology access to rural kids, and is on the board of Girl Develop It, which aims to increase the number of women in professional development roles by proviing inexpensive and accessible technology education.

Erynn joined Outercurve after spending a year at Activate Consulting where she advised media companies in redefining corporate and product strategies around technology investments.

Prior to Activate, Erynn was SVP of Paid Services Engineering at AOL, where her teams built the tools, frameworks, and services that helped AOL subscribers safely and securely access content and applications online. Her early career included, where she worked on projects including the launch of the third party sellers platform, several startups, and also Microsoft, where she was on the launch team for Bing paid advertising. She combines product management and technical management skills, and spends time teaching for Girl Develop It.

She lives in bucolic Enumclaw, Washington with her family and her mongrel terrier, Lebowski, and invites anyone driving through to stop by for coffee.

Event Information

Date: Wednesday, June 4
Time: 09:00-10:15
Room: Exhibit Hall | Keynotes