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Contribution Sprints

Come collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members from 9am-6pm on Friday, June 6 at the Austin Convention Center. You do not need to be registered for the conference to participate.

We are currently collecting your sprint initiatives so we can list them here for others to find and get excited for. Share yours below!

Other sprint events on Friday:

Friday Sprint Initiatives

Modernizing Testbot

This Sprint will be focused on adding new functionality to's automated testing infrastructure, improving our overall testing capabilities and performance of the testing environment on Learn more.

Drupal 8 Release Candidate

Group of people focused on issues blocking Drupal 8 RC. Learn more.

Aegir Hosting System

Aegir's users and developers are distributed across the globe, so DrupalCons present a great opportunity to share knowledge and tackle hard problems.

Goals for the sprint include:

  • Releasing Aegir 3
  • Architecting a front-end for Aegir's DNS system
  • Deciding which 'Golden Contrib' to include in initial releases
  • Planning re-factoring towards entities."

Multilingual Sprint

The Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative has accomplished much, and has some big things to finish. Come to the sprint Friday and be part of the D8MI team as we integrate with configuration, improve usability, and make Drupal 8 multilingual awesomeness. Learn more.


Panopoly is a ""base distribution"" that several other Drupal distribtions are based on, including Open Atrium, Open Academy, Open Church, Demo Framework, and others.

Panopoly focuses on having a great experience out-of-the-box, keeping users and site admins off the Drupal backend and making everything WYSIWYG.

At this sprint we will tackle issues in the queue, work on documentation and testing. We'll have tasks available for everyone at all skill levels, whether you're a site builder, developer, themer or just a user.

Please help us make Panopoly even more awesome! :-) Learn more. sprint

We'll get together and make our home,, better. We'll work on content improvements, software and new features, infrastructure, theme, etc. Join!

#d8rules: Getting started with Rules for Drupal 8

Rules 8.x is still in its early phase, but you can help moving faster! There are lots of events, conditions or actions which need to be ported to Drupal 8. While the Drupal 8 API is not there yet, we'll get started porting first simple plugins, test them and see where the new APIs still lack functionality. Learn more.

Quiz development & issue queue taming

I have recently branched the 7.x-5.x version of Quiz, after becoming a maintainer to push the project forward. There are 700+ issues that need weeding through and plenty of bugs in the new 7.x-5.x branch that have to be fixed. Enough work for devs and non-devs! Learn more.

Thank you to Bluehost for sponsoring this event.