Planning for Performance


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The road to architecting, developing, deploying, and launching a stable and performant Drupal site is one riddled with potholes and detours. You need a plan to help you navigate some of those roadblocks, and you need a detailed map and knowledgeable guide that can help you avoid and deal with unexpected bumps in the road.

At Acquia, we oversee the rollout of many of the largest Drupal projects in the world, and we've learned many lessons from each launch. In this session, we'll discuss:

  1. Identifying risk and creating a strategy. Performance needs to be a part of your roadmap from project inception to launch. We'll talk about creating a plan that leads you to success by identifying potential performance risks early in a project. From discovery to architecture to launch, we'll show you how to translate requirements and risks into an actionable strategy throughout delivery.
  2. Have confidence in the stability of your application. Don't just hope your application performs - know that it does with data. We'll talk about the types of tools you can use to measure, assess, and respond to issues as they arise by using real data over intuition.
  3. Lessons learned. From surprisingly quick fixes to dramatic overhauls, hear about issues we've seen, and how those experiences inform our approach.

Jeff Beeman and Erik Webb are Technical Team Leads in Acquia's Professional Services team.

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Thursday · 10:45-11:45
17 - Forum One | 4th floor