Symfony Components In The Wild Drupal Jungle


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The talk seeks to provide a clear view on how Drupal is using Symfony Components. The focus would be on the state of things and how Symfony is providing a Backwards compatibility promise for other projects to ensure Drupal uses it rightly and follow upgrades of these components closely and keeping robust because of BC.

I am part of the symfony community and have been working with Symfony in industry and in the Open Source arena. I am also the maintainer of a tool called Gush which plans to revolutionize the speed in which we develop today, a game changer as someone says.

I will provide ways in which Drupal can reutilize further Symfony Components yet keeping the codebase well decoupled.

Everyone is invited to benefit from clear examples on how to help develop a clean Drupal codebase and understanding more the Symfony alien phenomena.

I am submitting because someone invited me to submit. :)

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Drupal 8.x
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Thursday · 10:45-11:45
19 - Lullabot | 4th floor