The Accessible Experience: Designing for Everyone


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This session will demonstrate how various assistive technologies work and illustrate how to craft more inclusive, accessible user experiences.

Accessibility is not about reducing everything down to the lowest common denominator; nor is it about abandoning branding, beauty, or creativity. It’s about designing a great experience while simultaneously maximizing the number of people invited to enjoy that experience.

Takeaways from this session will include:

  • The importance of considering accessibility during the design process
  • Types of disabilities found on the web, and how design decisions impact their experiences
  • Specific design considerations including typography, color, and layouts
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Wednesday · 10:45-11:45
19 - Lullabot | 4th floor


mgantner’s picture

Great visuals of how people with situational or physical challenges view sites and information.

Great presentation and examples. Really understood how necessary this is and the depth of the issue.

Jerimee’s picture

Thanks so much for this overview. I've long wanted to be an advocate for accessibility - now I have a lot more ammo to so that.

Here is the link the slides:

I thought I knew a lot about accessibility and I learned something new that I've been doing wrong on almost every site I build. Thank you!

JuggoPop’s picture

If the DrupalCon "powers-that-be" do not put you on the shortlist for possible Keynote speakers for next year's DrupalCon... I will be disappointed. This is by far the most engaging session I have seen in all my years attending DrupalCon.