The Caching Deep Dive

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In this workshop you will be an active participant, so please bring your laptop!

Back by popular demand from Prague 2013, the Caching Deep Dive is not for the faint of heart. We bring together Campbell Vertesi (ohthehugemanatee, Technical Architect at Forum One), Jason Ford (bmeshjason, CTO at Blackmesh), and Earnest Berry  (souvent22, Senior Drupalist at the Economist) to dig deep into the issues of site caching, performance, and scalability.

This is not a session about the basics: you are expected to know what caching is and how it works already.  We will compare various mainstream caching systems, their strengths and weaknesses, and common cache bin allocation strategies. You will learn how to performance test Drupal sites, producing benchmarks and load charts. You will learn how to diagnose caching problems, and optimize your cache configuration. You will learn how to make Varnish sit up and play fetch. We will discuss best practices in network topology, cache configuration, and performance testing, to give YOU the benefit of our deep experience in the area.

And you won't learn it by listening to us talk - you'll learn it by DOING, with your own computer, on a real server environment.

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Drupal 7.x
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Wednesday · 01:00-02:00
12 - Mediacurrent | 4th floor


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It's not totally clear to me if this is a single session running from 1:00 - 3:15, or two occurrences of the same session, running back-to-back due to demand/logistics. Can someone please clarify this?

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I've contacted one of the presenters and they confirm this is a single session occupying two time-slots.

For more 2-hour sessions, filter the sessions view by the "Labs" track.

Thanks for finding out and sharing, @johnbburg, I was wondering the same thing :)

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Well, I guess I will have to skip this whole thing then, as I made an appointment for 2:00. Hopefully this will be better handled at the next Drupalcon.

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Can you post the zip file on this page? The DVDs and USB drives are not working

Zip file, slides, and a blog post about caching for authenticated users are coming as soon as I can get them uploaded! Conference internet isn't great on the up speed. :|

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Only tried this on one machine so far, but I'm getting an Unspecified Error 0x800004005 when it gets to "CentOS 6 x86_64.vdi" of the This is on a Windows 7 Pro OS. Downloaded twice, could this have been corrupted on upload?

That's odd, but we did have a couple of people who had trouble uncompressing it. I just validated the file myself. It was compressed using Mac OSX Mavericks' archive utility, and the md5sum of the zip file is 963eacd05c1578f260de03d25304ce5f. I get the same md5sum from my local (just tested working) copy and the copy sitting on .

I know that the unzip utility bundled with Windows can have trouble with archives not generated by Windows. Please give it a try with a third party utility like WinRAR and report back...

For those who weren't at the session...

The VM allows you to SSH in with u/p root / varnish101 .

The Drupal instance on it has admin u/p admin /admin .

Have fun!

What OS and version of VirtualBox are you using?

I just validated the copy I have locally (OSX Mavericks); it unzips and the .vid boots with no errors. I then compared the MD5 of the local zip file with that of the file on; they're identical: 963eacd05c1578f260de03d25304ce5f. So the file on the server at least works using OSX's built in uncompress.

I know that the unzip utility bundled with Windows can have trouble with archives not generated by Windows. We had a similar experience with the GUI-based unzip on Ubuntu. Please give it a try with either the command line unzip, or a third party utility like WinRAR and report back...

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I wonder if you had any chance to get the slides. I looked for them on the youtube video from drupal assoc but I think your presentation was cut, in case anyone wants it, the youtube video is: